John Phillip Bughaw aka Balang / Facebook

Justin Bieber Is So Proud Of This Little Boy Dancing To 'Sorry' And Killing It

Totally adorbs.

Ever since he appeared on The Ellen Show in May 2015 dancing to the pop hit "Bang Bang," a little boy from the Philippines has been commanding a lot of attention on both television and the internet -- and now he's back with a new video.

Seven-year-old John Phillip Bughaw (who goes by the mononym "Balang" these days) has been back on to see Mrs. Degeneres, dancing flawlessly to "Single Ladies" and "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)."

This time, from his home in the Philippines, he dances to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" with an ease and confidence befitting to the prince of pop. Since posting his tribute to the Biebs on Facebook, it's gone crazy viral, amassing more than 11 million views in only two days.

And lest we not forget, Bieber himself praised Balang's performance yesterday in a tweet:

Watch the full performance below.

H/T BuzzFeed