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Watch Moms Read Their Sons' *~Sexy~* Texts And Cringe Forever

RIP some of these sons, probably.

The relationship between a loving mother and her doting son is that of constant admiration, care and sympathy ... unless that son does something wrong. For instance, calling a random girl's butt "molten lava" in a text. Then all bets are off with mom, probably. ?

With no advance warning, Elite Daily made a group of sons give their phones to their mothers for the sole purpose of having them read their communications with their friends and significant others.

Um ... it didn't go too well.

"Lmao boy her booty was looking like molten lava," one of the guys says in a text his mother reads out loud. "Not quite droopy like water, but not solid either."


His mother's approximate reaction to that text.

Other duos get physical -- one son tries to take his phone away from his mother after she gasps and shouts "Oh my god!" at something she saw on his phone. One has to wonder what it could be, because there's a lot of flailing involved.

Let's hope the inevitable ~talk~ that mom had with her son afterwards wasn't too bad. ??

Watch the full video below.

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