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You're Going To Read This Newspaper Headline Wrong -- We Almost Guarantee It

Will your brain play tricks on you, too?

Hi there, folks. Here's a fun question for you. What does this newspaper headline say?

Reddit user tballw32 uploaded an image of a page from the Jan. 26 edition of the Los Angeles Times that contains the printed headline of "Riding the 'Pines." So, uh... did you think the headline said something else? ?

(Here's a hint for those who read it correctly the first time: Less "'Pines," more ?.) ?

Since uploading "I looked at this headline upside down and misread it. You did too," the unintended optical illusion has gone crazy viral, amassing more than 1.4 million views in two days.

If you're wondering why you may have read it wrong, there are two reasons. One is because it's harder to read something in all-caps, even when it's right side up.

The other? people who read English read from left to right, we tend to read whole words at a time and fill in the blanks when we're reading.

Torrey Pines (the golf course the headline is referring to) is probably less on most peoples' minds than the oft-uttered word "penis."