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Watch People Use The Same Exact Word To Describe Their Biggest Regret

You'll probably use the same one, too.

My biggest regret in life so far is not accepting myself for years and years as the awesome black gay fella I know I am now.

Looking back, the time and effort I wasted wanting to be someone else could have better been spent being ~*spectacular*~, and I'll always be little blue about it. Most people -- including you -- have a lot of regrets, too. Do you know your biggest?

On Jan. 25, Ashton Kutcher's entertainment website A Plus uploaded a video where folks in New York's Petrosino Park were asked to write on a chalkboard what their biggest regrets were.

Some reflected on the degrees they never got or dreams they didn't try to achieve, while other people talked about the ones who got away or the risks they didn't bother to take.

Once the board was filled, A Plus noticed most of these regrets shared the same three letter word -- and I used it above too, without even realizing it (which is kind of wild, actually. Humans are so different, but so alike in that way.)

Watch the full video below.

H/T Cosmopolitan