5 Life-Changing 2015 Albums That Still Deserve Your Love In 2016

These should never be evicted from your heart.

2015 was a lot. Black-and-blue dresses were examined way more than they needed to be, bands were broken, celebrity child babysitters homewrecked, starlet Miley Cyrus was asked, “What’s good?” and plush butt cheeks became just one of the ways trendy men rocked "buns." Picture a 63-year-old version of yourself telling your grandchildren about those 365 days.

Good luck.

When I look at 2015, the music that rose from it stares me right in the eye. Various iconic artists made breathtaking comebacks that left us only craving more. Along with that, a huge wave of new artists were introduced to the public in a bunch of impressive and original ways, giving us enough entertainment to last a lifetime. 2016 has brought rough competition. Here are five albums from 2015 that I think should never be evicted from your heart -- or, five albums from 2015 I think you should let rent a space in your heart. Forever.

  1. 25 -- Adele

    For roughly four years, Adele had me on my hands and knees begging for something fresh. (I say this because both 19 and 21 contain a few of my most-played songs.) She made my wish her one command when serving this 11-track audio Bible. While listening to 25, not only are you graced with outstanding tunes, you are also instantly reminded of that one crush you had in fourth grade for maybe a full 17 minutes. And you cry about it. A lot.

    This album will gather all the emotions you have stored up inside you, throw those emotions in a cocktail shaker, and kick that shaker down a flight of stairs. But, like, in a good way. Since my love life is nonexistent, each song practically means nothing to me, but what does mean something is Adele. Adele pouring her raw soul into each track, belting pure lyrics she helped craft, and giving the world a taste of what’s so needed. At this point, I look at you like you’re from another dimension if I find out you haven’t given this album a listen yet. So get on that immediately.

  2. Blurryface -- Twenty One Pilots


    It was a cloudy day in May when I found myself stranded in Boston's Logan International Airport with nothing but my small backpack carry-on, an Orange Dunkin' Donuts Coolata, the cutest pair of denim overalls, my phone, and a missed flight. Although being in this situation isn't the least bit foreign to me, I felt like a hopeless mess. I'd missed the flight that would link me from my gloomy hometown to the gorgeous city of L.A. and I could not get myself to find a bright side. This all changed, though, when I decided to pick up my cellular device, open Spotify, and give Twenty One Pilots' fourth studio album, Blurryface, a listen.

    I remember a few of my friends giving them praise after seeing a show of theirs live, and new music is always something that’s needed in a time like this, so I treated myself to what they had to offer. Instantly, I was overwhelmed with loud vocals over an even louder and more complicated instrumental. By the time I made it to track 4, "Fairly Local," I was obsessed. When listening to a TOP song, you’re not just listening to a singular song. You’re listening to about five. Each song is filled with boatloads of energy and enjoyable commotion, and although it’s nothing I’d normally jam to, I cherish this album like a newborn child. I guarantee you will be introduced to something brand new by listening to Blurryface. Twenty One Pilots' sound is truly a sound I have never heard before; they are so talented and unique, and they definitely know how to put together a phenomenal record. Give Blurryface a listen and you won't be unimpressed.

  3. Emotion -- Carly Rae Jepsen

    I’m sorry. If you’re friends with me -- scratch that, if you’ve ever been within a 5-foot radius of me -- you have lost an estimated 15 minutes of your life because I sat you down and urged you to purchase this album. When I got my first dose of Emotion, it was all I listened to for months. Carly Rae Jepsen is mesmerizing.

    OK, I know what you’re thinking: "Anthony, what could possibly come from a silly Canadian one-hit wonder?" Well, you’d be surprised. Also, TAKE THAT BACK THAT SHE’S A ONE-HIT WONDER. I HAVE SO MUCH FAITH IN THIS WOMAN, AND YOU WILL, TOO, IF YOU JUST #BUYEMOTIONONITUNES. I’m sorry once again. People can’t seem to get out of the habit of underestimating this woman, but I promise you, you won’t be able to resist bopping along to each track, for they are straight-up bops. This album has the potential to become every pop music lover’s new addiction. You can listen to the Emotion tunes while imagining yourself belting the words to them as you cruise down a beachside highway eating a burrito, and I say that because it would be pure bliss for me. The entirety of this album is simply gold, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Whoever produced this album deserves a high five, and you can earn a high five, too, if you JUST GIVE CARLY A CHANCE AND #BUYEMOTIONONITUNES. I’m not sorry for that one.

  4. Caracal -- Disclosure

    Aaaaahhhhhhhhh, good ol’ Disclosure. If you don’t know who Disclosure are, I have a question: How does it feel to live a mellow and all-around dull, meaningless life? That might’ve been extreme, but seriously, anyone who is unfamiliar with their work, please sit down and let me educate you. Disclosure is a U.K.-based group that focuses primarily on making beats/ instrumentals. Here and there, they have songs that feature their own voices, but they also seek other vocalists to bless their holy tracks. Their first studio album, Settle, was a global hit and featured a radio favorite titled "Latch" with Sam Smith. The airplay and general worldwide praise grew their audience insanely and gave them the chance to snatch some cool new singers for their second album, Caracal -- and that’s just what they did.

    With Caracal, Disclosure gathered Miguel, Lorde, and The Weeknd, and Sam Smith even made a return appearance. The thing I love about hearing these artists on a track that isn’t theirs is how different it sounds from their own stuff. Nothing on this record is a letdown, and you will only be transferred the greatest energy when letting their music enter your ears. The songs that lie within this album will help immensely with your craving for breezy, fun, and zingy music. Disclosure’s work brings me so much happiness, and Caracal is simply a representation of how talented these two boys really are.

  5. Honeymoon -- Lana Del Rey

    That’s all.

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