Bria and Chrissy / YouTube

Men Watch A Circumcision On Video And Their Reactions Are Intense

The procedure (and the debate) has been going on for *thousands* of years.

Since the first known circumcision happened in ancient Egypt, a lot of people have proudly supported it.

Some, like Greek philosopher Herodotus, vehemently opposed it; after a visit to Egypt in 5th century BC, he stated, "Egyptians practice circumcision for the sake of cleanliness, for they place cleanliness before comeliness."

Nowadays, between 76% and 92% of American men have the procedure done at some point in their lives, most often as newborns.

Because most circumcised men don't remember their own procedure, they don't know exactly what it entails. At least they didn't until YouTube channel Bria and Chrissy assembled four men to watch video of a live circumcision.

"I'm very in favor of it because it's a normal part of society, and there's also health problems [for men who are uncircumcised]," one of the participants states in the video.

All of their reactions beforehand (key word: beforehand) are all in support of the optional procedure for men that boasts a decreased risk of urinary tract infections and some sexually transmitted diseases.

After they see the procedure happen to a baby, however ... they all sing a different tune.

See why by watching the full (completely safe for work) video below.