Watch Jimmy Fallon And Natalie Portman Become Sia To Sing With Sia

Jimmy Fallon and the Roots also join the This Is Acting singer.

Sia seems to one-up herself with every television performance she does. Whether she's hiding behind a huge dress or singing with a choir of body-less children, she does theater like no one else and competes with herself for outrageous sets and statements. Her appearance on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday night was no different.

With an all-black-and-white design, Jimmy Fallon joined Sia to play "Iko Iko," which Dr. John made famous in 1972. It wouldn't be a Fallon joint without the Roots, so they broke out various percussive instruments. Oh, and Natalie Portman was there, too.

And there were enough of Sia's signature This Is Acting wigs to go around.

This Is Acting is out on Friday.