Watch This Guy Recreate A Selena Gomez Video After Losing At Fantasy Football

One man’s loss is the internet’s treasure.

As both diehard and casual sports fans know, people take their fantasy football leagues extremely seriously. Usually, it’s just participants’ pride and bragging rights that are at stake, but for other fantasy devotees, there’s much, much more on the line.

No one knows that better than Daniel Domnitch, who endured a humiliating (and hilarious) punishment for his last-place finish. According to Deadspin, he and his friends made a deal at the beginning of the season in which they agreed that the league’s loser would recreate a music video chosen by the teams that made it into the playoffs. Their choice? Selena Gomez’s sultry “Good For You” vid, a.k.a. the perfect choice to embarrass a grown-ass man.

To Daniel’s credit, he does a first-rate job of keeping a straight face and committing himself to all the seductive writhing, shower action, and pantslessness from Sel’s original version. We’ll definitely be keeping this vid in mind when prepping for the 2016 VMAs.

So what’s the lesson we learned today? According to the video’s description, it’s simply to avoid Daniel’s fate: “Daniel lost in fantasy football. Daniel had to make a music video. Daniel stinks. Don’t be like Daniel.” Oh, but he did it so well.