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9 Reasons Pat From ‘Smart House’ Was The OG Siri

Disney was ahead of its time.

When "Smart House" first debuted in 1999, kids hadn't seen anything quite like Pat (Katey Sagal) before. She was smart, she was fierce and she was completely badass. The same can be said for iPhone's voice-activated assistant, Siri.

While Siri is 12 years Pat's junior, the two technologies have a lot in common, besides the fact they're both voiced by women. Pat was the holographic version of Siri before Siri was even a thing, and made Ben Cooper's (Ryan Merriman) life both a dream and a nightmare — just like Siri does with all of us.

  1. For starters, they're both sassy AF.

    Neither Pat nor Siri have time for your crap, and are about as subtle as a freight train.

  2. And each make a beeping noise when you say their name.

    Siri does a ding thing, but same difference.

  3. Both were created by geniuses.

    Sara Barnes (Jessica Steen) designed Pat, while Dag Kittlaus co-founded Siri. Both are clearly above the curve when it comes to intelligence.

  4. When you ask them to play music, they will.

    Of course, if you ask Pat to play you something "kick-butt," you're gonna be listening to "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)," which is so '90s, it hurts.

  5. Kids are always messing with them.

    Whether it's using math to create a sick beat or demanding things right and left, kids misuse their technological devices.

  6. They're insanely jealous.

    When Microsoft's voice-activated assistant Cortana debuted, Siri was less than pleased. Pat found herself competing with the Coopers, trying to be their new mother, while Ben was clearly still mourning his mom.

  7. Both can give you more than you bargained for.

    Whether it's an overload of vitamin C or way too many florist options, advanced technology can do things a little too well sometimes.

  8. They'll call you out on your flaws.

    You can't hide your shortcomings from them, because they see all.

  9. And, they're both independent women who don't need no man.

    Pat and Siri don't need anyone else's help; they already have all the answers.