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Lauren Conrad's Road To 30: Look Back At The MTV Star's Televised Life Milestones

First jobs, first heartbreak and much more.

Let's remember our very first introduction to the irreplaceable Lauren Conrad, as seen below: It was on this very network, and the tan 18-year-old (clad in a beige tank top, with her black bikini top peeking out, and a white miniskirt) was taking a seemingly innocent stroll on an O.C. beach as her voice guided the viewer about her unique circle of friends and frenemies.

And then a star -- with a knack for always saying just the right thing and an undeniable wit -- was launched into the limelight. The SoCal native probably didn't know this way back when, but a series of life-changing events and rites of passage all teens and young adults face as they grow up would soon unfold -- but they would be documented for the world to see on "Laguna Beach" and eventually "The Hills." Along the way, she would also find herself in some truly unique scenarios and as a result, utter a few memorable lines ("You know what you did!" deserves a very special mention).

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As the lifestyle maven celebrates another milestone -- Lauren turns the big 3-0 today -- we are taking a fond look back at a bunch of the lovable MTV alum's "firsts" that happened to be chronicled on the small screen. From leaving home for school (that grin when she saw her crush longtime pal Stephen Colletti at the airport) to embarking on her career in fashion (ahhh, that first Lisa Love introduction), viewers watched the LBHS graduate flourish before their very eyes. Enjoy the retro clips and trip down memory lane below, and be sure to wish Lauren a very happy birthday in the comments!

  • First graduation

    Sure, the inaugural season of "LB" featured Lauren and her crew participating in trademark teenage activities -- house parties, spring break and prom, to name a few -- but nothing quite compared to when she and the rest of the Class of 2004 said goodbye to those formidable educational years in their snazzy caps and gowns. ROLL THAT VITAMIN C TRACK.

  • First time leaving home

    Moving out of your childhood residence as you embark on a new adventure is an exciting achievement -- and the image of a beaming LC touching down in San Francisco and seeing her buddy waiting for her outside after her flight is certainly an iconic incident. And that friendly hug wasn't too shabby either.

  • First job interview

    It was a mad dash out the door to make it to the Teen Vogue meeting (Lauren JUST arrived at the fresh new pad she would share with Heidi Montag) -- but she absolutely nailed her candid conversation with future boss Lisa Love. Admiration for fashion and a passion for writing = perfect candidate for the highly coveted internship.

  • First professional responsibility

    Nothing like being asked at the end of the work day to address (by hand) and send nearly 500 invitations to a Young Hollywood party. Fortunately, Lauren had her trusty co-worker, the charming Whitney Port, by her side for the tedious assignment.

  • First love

    Lauren and Jason endured some highs (those cutesie first dates in their hometown) and lows (that New Year's Eve feud) -- but nothing quite compares to when she became the girl who didn't go to Paris and opted to spend the summer with her beau in Malibu. What else is there to say? C'est l'amour.

  • First heartbreak

    Lauren tearfully leaving Jason after the ill-fated aforementioned scenario was difficult to watch -- but luckily, she had a group of gals, wild evenings at Les Deux and Brody Jenner to help her get over the situation.

  • First friend fight

    Four words to sum up this spat over the one and only Spencer Pratt: "He's a sucky person."

  • First major goodbye

    All good things must come to an end, and that's exactly what happened in 2009 when Lauren said adios to her televised Tinseltown tenure -- with an early exit from Speidi's nuptials. We miss you, LC.

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