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Facebook Emoji Reactions Are Almost Here

'Like' just got a range of emotions.

If you're tired of the old, boring "like" button to express your feelings about a status or photo, your world is about to get an upgrade. Facebook will soon be rolling out emojis as reaction options to users all across the globe.

The six emojis, known by Facebook as "Reactions," users can choose from are as follows: angry, sad, wow, haha, yay and love. But it should be stated that Facebook is NOT getting rid of the like button, instead the company is just adding onto it — because sometimes, simply saying you "like" something just isn't enough.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this development back in October, and we'll finally get to start using them in the next few weeks, but a specific day is not known at this time.


Selecting which Reaction to use will be straight-forward. According to a Bloomberg report, Zuckerberg suggested just holding down the like button on your smartphone until the other options pop up. Chris Cox and his social network team took that idea and rolled with it.

They "added animation to clarify their meaning, making the yellow emojis bounce and change expression. The angry one turns red, looking downward in rage, for example." If you're on a computer instead of a smartphone, just hover over the like button until the images appear. That's all there is to it.

If you're wondering what's happening with that dislike button we were promised, yeah, it's not a thing anymore. The idea was scrapped because "it would sow too much negativity," which actually makes a lot of sense. Can you even imagine all the petty "Mean Girls" drama that would've resulted from having a dislike button?

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