'Work' It Out: How One Girl Randomly Wound Up At Rihanna's Birthday Bash

But was the terrific tale this week's 'Greatest Party Story Ever'?

Let the good times roll -- with another half-dozen "Greatest Party Story Ever" tales.

During tonight’s episode of the show, which features animation accompaniments while real people share their booziest best stories, one (lucky) lady unexpectedly found herself at Rihanna's star-studded b-day celebration, one guy had the most epic (naked) walk of shame and another fella had quite the awkward hookup. A hint about the last example: Stifler's mom.

While there were plenty of laugh-out-loud incidents, which one nabbed the Week 3 top spot? Check out our simplified version of the stories below, share your favorites in the comments and be sure to catch brand-new episodes of “GPSE” every Thursday at 10:30/9:30c!

  • Planet of the MILFs

    The short and sweet version of this one: Our hysterical storyteller hooked up with one guy's girlfriend -- and the aforementioned dude's MOM -- in the same evening. And we thought our weekend was wild...

  • Scariest Place on Earth

    What happens when you visit the most magical theme park in the country -- with a bunch of magical, edible buddies? Well, you might wind up in the hospital if you offer the spiked treat to someone who has never been high before.

  • Animal House

    If you're playing the drinking game Kings -- and you're trying to impress your crush but you're a bit too wasted to handle that last King -- do your best to NOT throw up. Especially on the intimidating bear-like kid next to you and his precious Jordans. Too bad that's not what happened to our main man...

  • Rihanna's Party

    Talk about being in the right place at the perfect moment: Our girl just happened to stumble upon a group of gals who were heading to a club where the one and only Rihanna was having her birthday party (guests included Mick Jagger, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jim Carrey). When our narrator approached the pop star and offered her well wishes, the Barbadian beauty thanked her for coming to the celebration. Our protagonist was thrilled that she finally met her idol, but she admitted that she could only remember about 50% of the night due to her drunken state. Well, at least she "work"ed it at the event...

  • Down Under the Influence

    This might just be the ultimate walk of shame: Our boy was on vacation in Australia and was too intoxicated to be admitted to a local club. So he went back to his hostel only to wake up the next morning completely naked in bed. What happened? After six Irish car bombs later at another joint (maybe not the best idea?), he stripped down and made his way BACK to the previously mentioned establishment and tried to fight his way inside. Nude and all.

  • Teenage Vigilantes

    When you witness your neighbors getting robbed while they're away on vacation (and you know this because you're house-sitting for their beloved cat) -- and you're in the middle of throwing a rager at your abode -- you go after the crook with your squad. Oh, and tie him up on a light post like a piñata before the cops arrive. Way to save the day, vigilantes!