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12 Celebs Who Were Mistaken For Other Celebs


If you're going to go and talk to a celeb, make sure you know which celeb you're speaking to before you do. Mistakes happen, but it's better to save yourself some embarrassment and double check before saying hi and asking for a pic or autograph.

Doppelgängers are definitely among us, so (most) celebs totally get it if you think they're another famous person. They'll usually correct you, although some will just let you think you really did meet so-and-so. Take a look at several celebs who've been mistaken for other famous peeps.

  1. This kid thought Criss was actually "Game of Thrones" star Kit Harrington. After Criss set him straight, the "Glee" actor asked him to take a pic together, "to commemorate this moment."

  2. Harry Potter admitted on "The Graham Norton Show" that he once signed an Elijah Wood photo while in Japan on a premiere red carpet. Coincidentally, Wood's been called "Harry Potter" before.

  3. Back in November, the "Pretty Little Liars" star was mistaken for Josie Loren from "Make It Or Break It." Bellisario's fan eventually got it right, though.

  4. Two years later, Zooey Deschanel tweeted this Instagram pic to Perry. Classic.

  5. Bret Michaels / Twitter

    Bret Michaels tweeted a photo (which has now been deleted) of himself with Kim K, wishing Eva Longoria a happy birthday. He quickly fixed his error with a new tweet.

  6. Well, can you blame a person for trying?

  7. The "Divergent" star was once mistaken by a paparazzo as James Franco. He told, "It was fun to be human and to wave and be like, ‘What’s up, man?’, but [the paparazzo] was like ‘Where are you going?’ And I said, ‘Um, we’re going for some food, why are you filming me?’ And he stopped and you could see he was like ‘Oh sh-t.’ He thought I was f--king James Franco."

  8. I mean, I guess Matt Damon and Wahlberg look alike?

  9. The "Modern Family" star gets confused with Mila Kunis often, even by Teen Vogue.

  10. While guest-starring on a segment of "Billy on the Street," Pratt was constantly told he was Chris Evans by New Yorkers who just wanted to get to work in peace.

  11. The "Teen Wolf" star eventually pretended to be the pop singer, taking a pic with the fan.

  12. The "Thinking Out Loud" singer told MTV News this was the reason he asked Rupert Grint to be in his "Lego House" music video. Furthermore, Grint admitted he pretends to be Sheeran if fans get confused. "They compliment me on my music career and I just play along with it! It’s never too bad, you get the odd person staring at you but it’s pretty manageable."