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Badass Gymnast Sophina DeJesus Received A Near-Perfect Score For This Groundbreaking Routine

This is absolutely spectacular.

There are few things that unanimously impress everyone across the board: teeny-weeny kitten faces, McDonald's fries, and Adele's "Hello" are a few of them. You can add the skill of this UCLA gymnast to the list.

On February 6, Sophina DeJesus and the rest of the UCLA Bruins women's gymnastics team competed against the Utah team and was losing for much of the event.

Thanks to DeJesus' near-flawless routine, which got a 9.975 out of 10 (!!!), the UCLA team won -- by a fraction of a point (197.100–197.075).

Not only did DeJesus tumble, flip, and split to frenzied cheers from the audience, but she also hit the Quan, did the dab, and Whip/Nae Nae-ed during a professional meet -- a first for all three of those dances.

The caption under the clip of her routine (which has now gone viral) is, fittingly, "AMAZING EVERYTHING PERFECTION KILL EM DEAD MAMA YAAASSS WERK," and you'll understand why in a little over two minutes.

Watch the full video below.