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9 Insanely Creative Covers Of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’

Spoiler alert: James Corden's new rendition might be one of the best yet.

Justin Bieber and James Corden are basically BFFs by now, given their well-documented history of carpool karaoke shenanigans. So when the talk show host decided to put his own spin on JB’s hit “Sorry,” he was already a practiced pro at busting out Purpose tunes.

Unfortunately, Justin wasn’t there to lend his voice this time around, but Corden did have another righthand man at the ready: actor Sean Hayes, who joined Corden on “The Late Late Show” Thursday night (Jan. 22).

Together, Corden and Hayes flaunted their musical talents on a giant floor piano. After warming up with a cute rendition of “Heart and Soul,” they launched into Justin’s hit, aiming for something “a bit more hip, down and groovy with the kids.” Mission accomplished.

Besides its surprising appeal as a cardiovascular exercise, Corden and Hayes’ rendition is also super creative. So in the spirit of celebrating more unique covers, here are eight more of the best and most original spins on “Sorry” that we’ve seen. (Warning: You’ll probably want to watch these once or twice, and by that I mean maybe a couple of hundred times.)

  1. William Singe

    The Australian singer and producer records all the different components of this track himself, from the vocals to each and every instrument. The way he loops them all together in the end gives the cover a more downtempo, R&B-flavored feel. And -- bonus! -- he even rocks the baby bun that JB’s been experimenting with lately.

  2. Our Last Night

    Pop goes punk in this angsty cover featuring a full band. The rush and immediacy here gives the song weighted passion -- he’s just really sorry, OK?!

  3. Leroy Sanchez

    Even if you don’t speak or understand Spanish, this rendition is amazingly entrancing. Plus, that Spanish-flavored instrumental is SEXY.

  4. Austin Awake

    Austin keeps the song’s original chorus in tact, but spices it up with his own raps. Imagine “Sorry” if it featured Kid Ink -- that’s what this sounds like.

  5. Danny Padilla

    This YouTuber got hella creative with his cover by turning it into an Impersonation Challenge, where he and a friend sing the lyrics as Aziz Ansari, Donald Trump and more random celebs.

  6. Cimorelli

    These six sisters are YouTube veterans by now. Over the years, they’ve upgraded their vids by filming more high-production covers, but they really shine with stripped-down tunes that highlight their killer harmonies, like this one.

  7. Luke Holland

    Drum covers sometimes get hella boring, but this one’s really fun to watch. It’s shot beautifully, as the camera circles all around and above Luke, giving an all-encompassing view of the musician at work.

  8. Kailey and Kelianne

    OK, so this isn’t exactly a proper “cover,” but this choreographed acrobatic hoverboard sequence is too cool not to share. Plus, Justin’s a noted hoverboard enthusiast, so he’d definitely approve.