Here Are The Most-Looped Vines From The Past Year

From 'duck army' to 'Leo vs. Gaga,' this list is a treasure trove of hilariousness.

In celebration of Vine’s third birthday this weekend, the video-sharing app has revealed its most popular (or most-looped, in Vine parlance) clips from the past year.

While you’ve definitely seen some of these viral sensations before, they’re definitely worth revisiting. Kids hurting themselves… kids being adorable... celebrities caught being sassy on camera… it’s all here, folks. And it’s all part of the reason why we’re so thankful for this completely bonkers app in the first place.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 vines from the past 365 days. Did your fave make the cut?

  1. “IM DYING OMG #soaring #flying” by Kierra Santillan -- 80 million loops

    Ahhh, the moment when your life is turned sideways (literally) and you have no choice but to just surrender yourself. We've all been there, kid.

  2. “who is she” by chloe lmao -- 81 million loops

    It's amazing how much suspense you can pack into just six seconds.

  3. “Poor Jay” by Chase Broeckelmann -- 81 million loops

    Still not entirely sure what these daredevil kids are trying to accomplish here but MAN, that scream!

  4. “When you are really good at pretending to like your birthday gifts..” by Jeff Simmons -- 90 million loops

    Not every three-year-old wants a mound of toys for his birthday. Some just want avocados, bless their souls.

  5. “MINI BASKETBALL FAIL” by OMG FAILS -- 92 million loops

    Wait for it, wait for it...

  6. “When you don’t know the answers to a test” by good kush kiara -- 93 million loops

    Detention was surely imminent for this cunning quiz snatcher.

  7. “Untitled” by ahmed ali akbar -- 96 million loops

    On the first day of school, a news reporter asked a four-year-old if he'd miss his mom. He tried his best to pull it together but, alas, he couldn't. It's just emotions, takin' him over.

  8. “Lady Gaga scared Leonardo DiCaprio” by Kate Aurthur -- 102 million loops

    This Golden Globes moment happened less than two weeks ago, but it's already racked up more than 100 million views. And it's easy to see why -- Leo's expression as Gaga walks behind him is an endless well of emotion, filled with fear and confusion and wonderment. Not unlike his acting in "The Revenant," tbh.

  9. “duck army” by charlie murphy -- 150 million loops

    You can't forget the very first time you heard that simultaneous honking sound. You just can't.

  10. “Untitled (Paris bombing)” by ArsenalTerje -- 331 million loops

    Claiming the top spot is this chilling Vine that captures the moment a France-Germany soccer match was interrupted by the sound of a bomb -- one of several terrorist attacks in Paris that night. It's easily the saddest clip on the list, but ultimately shows Vine's versatility as a news-gathering tool.