Everyone Is Doomed In These New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Teasers

It's not looking good for anybody.

Though plenty of the advance promo material for Season 6 of “Game Of Thrones” has focused on the moody, potentially deceased Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow, the world of Westeros is indeed large, and larger than just Snow. It’s so large, in fact, that there are multiple houses all clawing for control of it.

On Friday (Jan. 22), we got our first hint of what might be in store for three of the biggest ones — Stark, Lannister and Targaryen — with a trio of new teaser videos tweeted out on the “Thrones” official account. Along with images of the house banners flapping into the wind, tattered and beaten, we’re also treated to some new dialogue to remind us exactly how doomed pretty much everyone is.

We’ll know more when “Game Of Thrones” returns on April 24. Probably.

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