Tinder Just Added An STD Clinic Locator To Its Website

Still, nothing on the app itself.

Hinge, Happn, Grindr, Scruff and other dating apps host a myriad of users looking for love... or just a little nookie. It's that second option that's landed quite a few people in a bit of trouble with their health -- but one app is trying to combat that.

Tinder, the uber-popular dating app, has just added a health and safety section to their website.

This addition comes after several findings over the years about dating apps and their link to new sexually transmitted infections. Rhode Island's Department of Health reported that new STD diagnoses rose drastically between 2013 and 2014, mostly involving young adults.

Many think that Tinder (and other apps like Grindr) are to blame. In 2012, a study found that Grindr was responsible for the drastic rise in syphilis cases in New Zealand.

Moreover, in 2015 a billboard campaign run by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation got a lot of attention by clearly calling out dating apps -- sometimes in front of the apps' headquarters.


"An important aspect of any healthy relationship -- whether formed on Tinder or otherwise -- is ensuring proper sexual health and safety," Tinder states on its website. After being given a primer on safe sexual practices, website visitors are linked to a free STD clinic locator via Healthvana's website. But... is that enough?

Perhaps integrating testing and health safety practices ~into the app itself~ would be more of a solution, but until then, let's remember to swipe safely. ??

H/T BuzzFeed