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Cara Delevingne's Wax Figure Eyebrows Took An Entire Week To Apply

On fleek is an understatement.

You know you've made it in this world when Madame Tussauds commissions a wax figure in your likeness. You know you've really made it when it takes multiple people an entire week to apply the eyebrows of your wax figure. Hey, Cara Delevingne -- you've really made it.

Earlier this week Cara revealed that both she and BFF Kendall Jenner would receive wax figures, and today, in an interview with the Telegraph, sculptor Jim Kempton revealed that recreating Cara's iconic eyebrows didn't come easy -- in fact, they "painstakingly inserted every hair one by one." I'm no expert, but, I'd guess that was a lot of hair to apply.

For more on Cara's wax figure -- including the figure's outfit -- head over to the Telegraph.