Maynard Ogot / YouTube

This Pilot Proposed To His Girlfriend By Faking A Plane Emergency

It's actually pretty romantic.

People have done some pretty wild things to propose to their soulmates: Flash mobs, stunts and celebrity involvement are not off-limits when someone asks their love to spend the rest of their life with them. As one pilot shows, neither is faking a life-or-death situation.

YouTube user Maynard Ogot decided to take his love to dizzying heights (sorry) by proposing mid-flight in a two-seater airplane.

With his future-wife acting as co-pilot, he pretends there's a problem with the flight controls and tells his future fiancee to "stay calm" no less than five separate times. ??

After trying to fully freak her out, Ogot asks her to read back to him a set of instructions called the "ring engagement procedure." (So smooth, Ogot.)

Once she reads it, she realizes what's happening, and as by "Touchdown" by Garrett Douglas plays in the background, he pulls out the ring, placed neatly in a golden snitch ring box.

Watch the romantically daring proposal below (which starts at 2:00, after some very cute couple-y pre-engagement footage.) ?

H/T Cosmopolitan