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Ariana Grande Continues Teasing ‘Be Alright,’ And We’re Not All Right

The singer promised we'd get to hear it by now... so where is 'Be Alright?!'

There’s still no word on when Ariana Grande’s third album -- which may or may not be called Moonlight -- will arrive, but the singer is continuing to tease the heck out of it with new previews and loaded promises.

On Wednesday, the same evening she decried the devil whose last name might be Bieber and vowed to finish her new music, Ari shared two more teasers of a song called “Be Alright” on Snapchat. Both snippets reveal a grooving house beat over which Ari croons, "Baby, we’ll be alright" and "every little thing’s gonna be alright."

As fans may recall, this is the same track Ari first previewed on Snapchat last June. And even though she’s sporadically filled the last seven months with new material -- including lead single “Focus” and her sultry Christmas & Chill EP -- the question remains: When will we finally hear “Be Alright” in full?!

If the 22-year-old sticks to her word, we may have that answer soon enough. On Jan. 11, a fan tweeted to Ari, “WE WANT BE ALRIGHT,” and the singer replied that it’s coming very soon. When pressed further, she specified, "10 days or less." It sounds like this one will definitely be worth the wait.