Jena Malone's Pregnancy Announcement Looks Like A Sci-Fi Movie Poster

So we made it into one.

"Hunger Games" star and artsy human Jena Malone just revealed some fantastic news: She's pregnant with her first child.

The actress announced the pregnancy via Instagram with a stunning photo taken by longtime boyfriend and "beautiful hearted baby daddy" Ethan DeLorenzo, a photographer and music producer.

Malone opens the touching post with a lovely bit of prose she wrote about her mother, "Womb to womb / To beating wing / I climbed out of the eternal / And into the shape of me."

While looking at her Insta, I realized something: Her pregnancy announcement looks just like a poster from a science-fiction movie.

Partly because Jena Malone gives off sci-fi energy from starring in classics like "Donnie Darko" and "Contact" ... and mostly because of that lens flare. So, we decided to gift an imaginary movie to the world, starring Johanna Mason herself:

Jena Malone / Instagram / Video Co-Pilot / MTV News

(See what we mean?)