Justin Bieber Crashed A Wedding (And Did The Dougie): Was It This Week’s 'Greatest Party Story Ever’?

Work it, Biebs.

Break out the streamers, festive hats and once-in-a-lifetime anecdotes -- six more unique tales have been given the "Greatest Party Story Ever" treatment.

During tonight's episode of the brand-new series (which features quirky folks re-telling their unforgettable narratives with humorous animation re-enacting the events), we had the one and only Justin Bieber crashing a wedding, a trip to the surf and sand that turned into a stomach explosion, a very drunk dude barfing on a gal while they were hooking up and much more. Let's just say some of the bashes make Bogey Lowenstein's "10 Things I Hate About You" affair seem innocent...

But which epic story takes the Week 2 title? Refresh your memory with a shortened version of the adventures below, share your favorites in the comments and be sure to catch brand-new episodes of “GPSE” every Thursday at 10:30/9:30c!

  • Aquapoop

    Consuming curry and then having a milkshake is terrible on the stomach. The proof: Our humorous storyteller, who was planning on having a fun-filled day at the beach with his equally amusing friend and some "coke-bottle shaped girls." But when the ladies arrived late, the two gents opted to get the dairy sweet treat. And let's just say the aforementioned food combo made one of the guys feel sick -- so he opted to take a dip in the ocean, do a few laps, drop his swim trunks and go No. 2 (while a little kid was following him around in the H20). When he emerged from the water, his crew began to chant "Aquapoop" -- and yup, that's all.

  • 24 Jump Street

    It's not abnormal to misplace a cellphone -- but what if it ends up in the hands of a drug dealer with the code name Casper? That's exactly what happened to our protagonist. And even though he went on a Jack Bauer-esque mission to recover the device -- sting operation and all! -- he came up empty-handed and failed to nab the criminal.

  • True Belieber

    Narrator Paige and her cousin Alyssa weren't exactly feeling their cousin's wedding, so the duo took matters into their own hands and asked the DJ to play some Justin Bieber tunes. Understandably, this got the party going -- and Paige felt someone grooving behind her. Initially, she thought it was her creepy cousin, but NOPE -- it was none other than The Biebs (who was vacationing with his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez)! He proceeded to perform the Dougie...and even gave a toast at the special event. What a night to remember.

  • Kinky Clown

    Doors can be so deceiving -- especially when you're intoxicated at a house party and you're trying to go to the bathroom but wind up walking in on your pal's parents, who are naked and dressed up as clowns. Enough said.

  • Karate Chop Fail

    Even if you're a black belt in karate, it might be best to avoid flipping your date (during your first official outing, we should add) over your body. A head injury resulting in a lot of blood and an accidental bladder release could ensue...along with quite possibly the worst date in history.

  • Love at First Barf

    If you're going to drink for the first time, it might be best to avoid taking down excessive amounts of shots while on a senior trip in Panama City Beach -- because then you might throw up all over a girl you just met mid-hookup. That's what happened to our main man -- but fortunately for him, his tweet to find the mysterious gal went viral (16,000 retweets!) and the two eventually reconnected and shared some fun.