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13 Times Harley Quinn Was The Best Damn Part Of The 'Suicide Squad' Trailer

'Hi boys!'

There are few things that we know to be unequivocally true in life: one plus one equals two, Earth orbits around the sun, and Harley Quinn is the best damn member of the Suicide Squad.

DC's favorite mentally-deranged troublemaker stole the show in the newly released trailer for "Suicide Squad," proving that Margot Robbie not only has the chops to play the wacky villainess, but she's pretty spectacular at it. While we'll miss her iconic giant hammer, that baseball bat and studded gun are doing WORK:

In honor of Harley's undeniable awesomeness, we've rounded up all of her instantly legendary moments from the trailer. Move over, Mistah J -- Harley Quinn is coming to stunt on all your faves.

  1. Let's start by acknowledging how boss our girl looks while drinking tea.

    Pinky up! She's classy like that.

  2. And her maniacal smile.

    But she's totally not down with smiling just because you tell her to. (On a more serious note, how does she afford such good dental work in prison?)

  3. She's not here for your patriarchal BS.

    We will now roll up to every meeting like this.

  4. But she appreciates a good laugh.

    Harley Quinn is obviously the life of the party. Turn that frown upside down, mistah.

  5. Sometimes, she hears voices.

    Sure, she may be a little loopy, but if you fell into a vat of acid, wouldn't you be a little loopy too?

  6. These voices may or may not tell her to do bad things.


  7. She's a joker at heart!

    We wonder who she learned that from...

  8. Not to mention, that bat is the perfect accessory.

    We honestly wouldn't mind if the entire movie was just this tracking shot of Harley walking down the street.

  9. It's also a really handy weapon.

    Who needs a real weapon when you can scare off your enemies?

  10. Never mind.

    In lieu of her giant hammer, this bedazzled gun does just fine.

  11. She's an independent woman who doesn't need a fella by her side to go to WORK.

    She does, however, like to look her best while beating up the boys.

  12. She's the Worst. Hero. Ever.

    Stealing a handbag mid-mission? Classic.

  13. Which is why we love her.

    You keep doing you, Harley. Always.