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A Man’s Fitbit Captured The Exact Moment His Boyfriend Dumped Him

Koby Soto had a no good, very bad day, and he has the data to back it up.

We've all felt heartbreak -- first there's a drop in the pit of the stomach, the face flushes, and then that uncomfortable feeling in the chest that makes you want to crawl into bed and take a long, sad nap.

Most definitely, the body feels shock at the sudden jolt of upsetting news, and as one man recently learned, that stress is even recordable.

Tel Aviv University law student and Guesty co-founder Koby Soto had been dating an unnamed fellow law student for a few months, when one day he received a call from his paramour around noon. They had planned to take a break from studying and spend some time together that day.

"He said that we’re going to have to cancel, and I said 'Why?' and he said, 'Things are not working as they should,'" Soto told BuzzFeed News. "I said, 'Are you serious? You’re doing this over the phone?'"

Not good, mystery man. Not good. ?

Later that day, Soto was talking to a friend who told him to "relax." ? That's when Soto pulled out his Fitbit heart rate monitor in hopes that it would prove exactly how stressed he was feeling. And boy, did it ever...

An average heart rate clocks in at around 80 beats a minute, and for most of the morning, Soto's heart rate stayed at a reasonable average of 72 beats per minute. At the moment of the call, it suddenly leapt from about 60 to 90, remaining elevated the rest of the day.

At one point his heart rate even climbed close to 118, which is the same kind of heart rate you'd experience if you were running on a treadmill.

After pouring his heart out in the form of a tweet, his story went viral. Despite his disappointment, Soto appreciates that he now has a record of how he felt, through the waves of terrible emotions he experienced that day.

"Everyone understands heartbreak, right?" Soto said. "Everyone’s felt it. When you have this [data], it’s interesting — you have something to show."

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