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No One Can Get This Bracelet Off Kylie Jenner's Wrist

Not even a screwdriver wielding security guard.

If you've ever gotten a ring stuck on your finger, you know the sheer terror of being unable to remove an accessory when you want to. Now, imagine you get something stuck on your body for not minutes, or hours, but years; it's been a reality for Kylie Jenner. ?!!!

On Tuesday, Kylie shared a Snapchat of a security guard attempting to remove a bracelet from her wrist. The bracelet, Kylie explains, has been stuck on her wrist for "like four years." She goes on to reveal that no one at the store— not even the security— can get it off. UHH????

In a subsequent clip, there doesn't seem to be any progress. Kylie does not seem amused and, LBR, who can blame her? There's no way that bracelet goes with every single out of her outfits. It's got to go.