Did Spencer And Caleb Already Hook Up On 'Pretty Little Liars?'

And more pressing 'PLL' questions.

"Pretty Little Liars" often asks us to suspend our disbelief. A 20something girl, fresh out of college, living in Tribeca? Sure! A masked psychopath capable of building a high-tech, life-size dollhouse with a complicated, motion-detected security system? OK! Said psychopath slipping a message between a teen girl's teeth? Why not!

But in its sixth season, "Pretty Little Liars" has grown up. Sure, it still exists in an arena of heightened emotions, rather than logistics and practicalities, but the Liars are a little wiser to the A game five years later. That doesn't mean that Rosewood and all of its oddities are any easier to mentally digest for the Liars. In fact, they've only been in Rosewood for a mere matter of days and they're already lying and scheming just like old times. Oh Rosewood, how we've missed you! With that in mind, here are some of the biggest burning questions from last night's episode, "Charlotte's Web" (web of lies, get it?!):

  1. How do you tell your significant other that you were tortured, kidnapped and almost killed by a psycho stalker throughout high school?

    Aria seems to be having the toughest time coping with her past. Not only is she having routine panic attacks, but she's not exactly being truthful to her boyfriend Liam about everything. Some things can't be buried, Aria, and your past is one of them. Poor Liam. The dude is totally in the dark about everything: A, Ezra and Aria's past relationship and the details of Charlotte's murder. Then again, when is the right time to tell your new SO that you were tortured and stalked throughout high school?

  2. Why hasn't Aria learned that lying always comes back to haunt you?
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    Speaking of Aria, doesn't homegirl know that lying and literally erasing evidence only comes back to haunt you? Since Uber A hasn't revealed himself to the Liars yet, it's easy to assume they probably think they're safe (and that the Rosewood P.D. are incompetent morons, which they are), but this is Rosewood -- and no one is ever safe. Aria should have learned her lesson five years ago, but nope. She's still secretly meeting with Ezra and lying to her friends.

  3. What is Emily getting treatments for?

    In last night's episode we learned that Emily is currently undergoing "treatment" for an undisclosed illness. Could it be cancer? Here are the facts: Emily is sick, she's been hiding it from her friends and family, and she started her treatment in Rosewood. Chemo treatments often range in length and severity, so cancer is not out of the realm of possibilities.

  4. Who was Charlotte meeting at the church?

    In a flashback we see that Ezra and Aria, while drunkenly wandering around Rosewood at 3 a.m., saw Charlotte go into the church... the same church where she was eventually killed and thrown from the bell tower. Charlotte looked determined, like she had arranged a meeting with someone. Was Charlotte meeting up with Uber A? Or might it have been someone else entirely? There are only two people I could imagine Charlotte meeting up with in the middle of the night: Jason or Kenneth DiLaurentis. Charlotte's story is about family. She did everything to give herself the family she never had -- the one that was stolen from her -- so if she left the safety and security of Ali's home willingly, she had to be meeting with either her brother or her father. And from what we've heard, neither of them wanted Ali to leave the psychiatric hospital.

  5. Did Caleb and Spencer hook up in Madrid?

    What if Spencer and Caleb already hooked up? If you read between the lines of Spencer's story about bumping into Caleb in Madrid, she seemed to be hinting at a more intimate encounter. Calling it now: Caleb and Spencer totally boned in Madrid. He was heartbroken, and she was a stressed out college student; of course they boned. But the real question is: Will it happen again? Judging from the steamy Season 6B promo, we're going to say yes.

  6. Is Sara Harvey working with Uber A?
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    We learned a few crucial bits of info about the mystery surrounding Sara Harvey in this episode. One, the Liars think she "lied" about having Stockholm Syndrome to get out of serving any jail time for her actions. (She definitely did.) And two, she was burned severely, rendering her hands unusable. According to the girls, Sara said she didn’t remember anything from the time of the explosion five years ago, but given all of the steely glances she's been throwing their way, we're going to assume that's also a lie. Sara is a shady AF figure in all of this, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she's been working for Uber A this entire time. After all, we still don't even know why she was working with Charlotte. Was that a direct order from the true mastermind?