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Watch Hank Green Eat This 1950s Recipe That Includes Both Jell-O And Celery

We repeat: Jell-O. And. Celery.

These days, people are obsessed with trendy foods like kale, quinoa and Sriracha. But food trends aren't limited to 2016 -- people who've lived through other decades can tell you all about the food coloring trend of the '90s, or the fact that everything came with ranch dressing and a sprig of parsley in the '80s.

Thanks to a great advertising campaign (by a Don Draper type, probably) one of the biggest food trends in the early 1950s was Jell-O, the gelatin dessert. That's where brave souls Katherine and Hank Green come in.

On Jan. 15, Hank Green of Vlogbrothers uploaded a video called "Eating Weird Food from the 50s (with Katherine)," made possible when his wife received a recipe book from her grandmother that contained a myriad of recipes from the '40s and '50s.

So, with Katherine, he decided to make some of the recipes from the book with really ... intense ... results. (Valid question: Did anyone get queasy in the 1950s? No?)

Watch the Greens try foods with strange names like "Golden Rabbit" and "Mexican Chop Suey." The final recipe they sample, "Orange Cranberry Relish Mold," is fit for the "Guinness Book of World Grossness" (not a real book.)

Watch the predictably ? video below.

H/T Cosmopolitan