Adele / Janelle Bradford / YouTube

This 'Hello' Parody Begging Adele For Free Concert Tickets Is Everything

Music to every broke Adele fan's ears.

Adele is a hot ticket -- literally. Her upcoming tour sold out in minutes in most venues and prices have risen on the secondary market -- sometimes by $1000 or more. It's nuts. That's why one fan took to the airwaves to ask the Grammy winner for a favor.

Charlottesville, Virginia resident Janee Bradford recorded herself singing a parody of Adele's mega-hit "Hello" and in it, asks the British chanteuse for free concert tickets.

Starting with the iconic lyric "Hello, it's me..." Bradford continues with comical musings about how she's "broke" and wonders if Adele "could send [her] two tickets for free."

Since posting her hilarious video to Facebook it's gone viral, amassing more than 3.8 million views, more than 85,000 shares and even landing Bradford on local and international television.

Adele, if you're reading this (Hahaha! No, but really, if you're reading reading this) Bradford totally deserves tickets to your Washington D.C. show in October. Let her say "hello" to you in person. ??

Watch the hilarious clip below.