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Snoop Dogg Narrated A Video Of Otters Fighting A Crocodile And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Meet Honey Badger 2.0.

Snoop Dogg: indomitable rap icon, occasional comedic actor, weed company investor and ... once-overlooked nature documentary narrator. Until now, that is.

A year ago, late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live teamed up with Snoop to create what they called "Plizzanet Earth," a spoof on the immensely popular BBC miniseries "Planet Earth." In it, Snoop narrates typical nature footage of seals, frogs and other wildlife and puts his own unique spin on it.

This ? comedy gold ? has existed since Feb. 20, 2015. However, when Facebook page Pigeons and Planes uploaded the second video in the series four days ago, it blew the F up, so to speak -- to the tune of 67 million views. That's about 66 million more than last year. Snoop Dogg himself even liked his own narration:

Pigeons and Planes / Facebook

Let's hope this means more "Plizzanet Earth" in the future. I mean, could we get a Netflix series?

Watch the hilarious video below.

If you enjoyed that one, you should take a look at the others, including Snoop talking about a squirrels who "AK-47 it" (I'll let you guess what that means) and tree frogs who "hit it and run".