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Gigi Hadid Is Just As Baffled By ‘Making A Murderer’ As You Are

She has A LOT of questions.

Netflix’s “Making a Murderer,” the true crime docu-series that’s turned everyone you know into a conspiracy theorist, has a new, high-profile fan: Gigi Hadid.

The 20-year-old model apparently treated herself to a long weekend of binge-watching (stars: they’re just like us!), during which she caught up on the addictive and infuriating 10-part series. Accordingly, Gigi experienced a roller coaster of emotions as she tried to fill in the plot holes surrounding Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s murder trial. (For the uninitiated, the two Wisconsin men were convicted in 2005 for killing a 25-year-old woman — but the details surrounding their conviction are sketchy at best.)

Thankfully, Gigi allowed fellow “Making a Murderer” fans to commiserate with her by documenting all of her emotions on Twitter. Join us as we take a tour through her descent into maddening mindf--kery.

  • First she was all “WTF” about everything before even finishing the series.
  • But she understood she had to contain all of her emotions until seeing it through to the end.

    Because maybe, like us, she figured there might be a happy ending to all of this? HA, yeah right.

  • Before unloading all her feelings on the world, she gave a thoughtful little spoiler alert. So kind, G.
  • And then she said what we were all thinking: Steven and Brendan were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? Really though?!
  • Poor Brendan's plight, which was arguably the most heartbreaking part of the story, clearly resonated with her.
  • In fact, she suggested that kids with cognitive disabilities be better protected, in case they ever find themselves in a similar situation as Brendan.
  • Then there was the crushing realization that unless someone comes forward and tells the truth, there's probably no hope for Steven's release.
  • And the police's corrupt behavior is definitely something she's concerned about as well.
  • She actually hopes, on some level, that Steven and Brendan are guilty.
  • Because, as Steven's lawyers proved time and time again, all the evidence just doesn't match up!
  • And, overall, there's just so much left unresolved.

    We feel you, G.

  • But don't worry: new Netflix subscriber Kim Kardashian has vowed to find out what the show's all about.
  • So here's hoping these two will put all their collective thoughts into a podcast, so we can all hear their theories.

    Gigi and Kim = the new Sarah Koenig?! We're into it.

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