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Kendall Jenner Has Been Ready To Join Taylor Swift's Squad Since 2010

Kendall and Kylie's five-year-old music video for Taylor Swift's 'Better Than Revenge' needs to come back.

"Let’s hear the applause." ?

Before Kendall Jenner was sashaying down Taylor Swift’s catwalk on the 1989 World Tour and strutting her stuff with the squad, she was kickin’ dirt and whipping her hair while recording a music video for Tay’s salty track “Better Than Revenge” with friends in her backyard.

Kendall, along with lil sis Kylie and their two BFFs, spent time directing and choreographing their own music video to the track from Taylor Swift’s 2010 album, Speak Now.

The video was posted on Kendall and Kylie’s YouTube Channel “Keepin Up with Kendall & Kylie” on Nov. 27, 2010. This is the same channel where they debuted another popular music video they created of their family lip-syncing to Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and to “Lady Marmalade."

Kendall and Kylie also posted the “Better Than Revenge” blooper reel, which also features unused footage of the girls hopping fences and perfecting their moves:

Sadly, they have not updated the channel in over three years, but when they were actively uploading on YouTube, Kendall and Kylie created music videos while waiting at the airport and on fields in Wyoming and also posted some embarrassing footage of their family members.