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Hold Up — Is Zendaya About To Release Makeup Tutorials?


In the fall, Zendaya revealed that she sometimes does her own makeup for events. Though we'd expect Zendaya to be perfectly capable at doing her makeup—girl can do anything, TBH—her skills go far beyond "capable." Like, she is an expert. After she shared a photo of her work, we begged for makeup tutorials—now, it looks like we may be actually getting them.

Ask and ye shall receive, people.


Thursday night (Jan. 14), Z shared this close-up photo of her perfectly executed makeup with the caption, "I need to start doing makeup tutorials?." UM. YES. 1000x YES. I mean, I'd take a tutorial on those brows alone, but I certainly wouldn't stop watching if she started teaching me how to cop that glow for myself. Or those lashes. Any part of this look, really.

While Zendaya didn't reveal whether or not these tutorials would, y'know, actually be happening, this seems like a promising sign. You gotta share your skills with the people, Z! We need ya.