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Listen To Ariana Grande And Nathan Sykes’ Breakup Song To End All Breakup Songs

The former couple team up to tear it down on 'Over And Over Again.'

Ariana Grande may or may not be changing the name of her album -- at this point, man, it's literally anyone's guess -- but one thing she will (hopefully) never change is her ability to pop up on a song and drop some fire vocals.

"Bang Bang" with Nicki Minaj and Jessie J. "All My Love" with Major Lazer. "Almost Is Never Enough" with The Wanted's Nathan Sykes.

And now, we have one more to revel in: "Over And Over Again," a duet with Sykes that the pair first teased on Monday on social media. The track, which is a reworked version of Sykes' single from 2015, is a piano-centric slow burner that amps up the drama with the gorgeous, fragile dueling vocals of the two singers.

The aching "ooh" sounds in the refrain coupled with the unfurling piano chords reminds me of Coldplay's "Clocks" and the way John Legend holds absolutely nothing back on "All of Me." And that's just the framework the two powerhouse vocalists have to work with as they sing to the high heavens. It's pretty heartbreakingly wonderful.

"It’s a nice breakup song, but really emotional," Sykes told MTV News last year -- and how could it not be? Sykes has been very candid about how he wrote it about Ariana Grande, then invited her to come sing on it. What a move.

Watch Sykes talk about the song below.

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