Up For The 'Challenge': Has Jenna Become A Sincere 'Bloodlines' Threat?

She and Briana have slowly become a team worth fearing.

After being disqualified from the “Exes II” finale in humiliating fashion (not to mention a stomach full of liquefied fish eggs), “Real World: Ex-Plosion” export Jenna has been on a quest for “Challenge” redemption. And while her “Bloodlines” entry with cousin Brianna didn’t exactly incite fear in her fellow competitors (the cousins were the lowest-performing team in the competition’s very first mission), Jenna and Brianna have since taken control of their fates.

Since a come-from-behind win over “Are You The One?”’s Christina and her sister Emily in Pit game “End of My Rope,” Jenna and Brianna have been building a case for “Challenge” worthiness. While Brianna continues to defy the low expectations of her fellow Red Team members (Johnny Bananas is a particular Brianna convert), Jenna has kept the twosome alive as Team Blue’s resident Pit representative. She sent powerhouse team Camila and Larissa home in the high-intensity “Door Slammer” and, Wednesday night, took out KellyAnne -- one of the game’s strongest players -- in “Spun Out.”

“You are unstoppable in The Pit,” TJ observed after awarding Jenna her third win.

Now, Jenna, who’s previously taken her nominations on the chin, plans to change her game and play more aggressively.

“People definitely underestimate me here,” she said. “I think the main reason why everyone keeps voting me in is because I’m not a mad person, and I’m not gonna come back with a grudge. But guess what? I am coming back with a grudge. And I’m extremely mad.”

Among her first targets? Johnny Bananas and Vince. The ladies have grown wary of JB’s underhanded tactics (he voted two of his main allies into The Pit in recent weeks). And as far as Cara Maria’s concerned, the strategy is mounting evidence that Jenna has developed into a truly practiced player.

“Jenna and Briana see through Bananas’ bulls**t,” Cara Maria said. “If everybody thinks that they’re the dumbest people here, they’re absolutely -- by far -- not.”

What do you think: Has Jenna really become a threat to the game, and could you see her and Briana going the distance? Or are Jenna’s Pit wins fluky luck, and do you see her falling short? Share your thoughts, and be sure to see how she and Bri handle the game’s next leg Wednesday night at 10/9c!