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Can Kim Kardashian Convince You To Bring Back Juicy Couture Tracksuits?

Kim is ready. Are you?

Juicy Couture velour tracksuits are on the brink of a renaissance. A sitcom based on the brand's founders is in the works, being cozy is paramount for winter, and Kim Kardashian just gave them her co-sign.

On her app, Kim revealed that she still has the tracksuits she proudly wore on the regular in the early 2000s, writing, "I still have all of mine, I can't let them go LOL!" I mean, if my closet were the size of Kim Kardashian's, I'd keep every item of clothing I ever owned too. Considering how cyclical trends are, I'd never have to buy anything new—I'd already have it!

So, yeah, time to break the velour out again—we'll be reliving 2003 soon, whether we like it or not. At least we'll be comfortable.