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Turns Out You Get A Lot Of Butt Pics If You Inherit Sir Mix-A-Lot's Old Cell Number

He *still* likes big butts. What can he say?

Like Sir Mix-A-Lot's seminal hit "Baby Got Back," a man in Seattle is "hooked and he can't stop staring," yet instead of a fine and ample derrière like Mix, he's looking at his cell phone. (That's the only bad joke in this post, I promise ... maybe.)

Last year, 33-year-old Seattle, Washington law student Jonathan Nichols got a new cell phone and with it, a new number. Almost right away he started receiving texts from people giving him their demos and other texts asking him to try out Lamborghinis, Jaguars and other luxury cars.

Then, he started getting flirty texts from women -- some saying "love you," others sending pictures of their pursed lips in kisses and a few in bikinis (and less) posing seductively for their intended. Nichols received so many butt pics (and others) that he had to tell those particular senders that they needed to "stop."

It was only when Aug. 12, 2015 rolled around that he realized just what was going on, and whose number he inherited. Nichols received a slew of Happy Birthday wishes, with one text saying "Happy Birthday, Mix!" and others with references to "Baby Got Back" when he knew that he now had Leo Sir Mix-A-Lot's old phone number.

News of the mix-up (sorry) got back to Sir Mix himself, and he asked Nichols to just "forward the pictures" of women to him -- something I bet Nichols and his boyfriend wouldn't mind doing. ?

Watch a report of the hilarious story below.

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