'Teen Wolf' Cliffhanger: What Does Theo Want With Deucalion?

Crap. Another Beacon Hills baddie is back.

What. Was. THAT?

Kira's back safe and sound (for now), but all is certainly not well in Beacon Hills. While our favorite fox spirit was battling the Oni, Theo was embarking on a hunt for another "Teen Wolf" baddie from back in the day — Deucalion.

"[Theo's] looking for an Alpha. A blind Alpha," Liam said, after waking Scott from his oh-so-peaceful nap. WHAAAA...?

Last we saw in Season 3, Jennifer Blake/Darach (RIP...?) had restored Deucalion's eyesight just before Scott and Derek (DEREK!) let him go with the promise that he would maintain the peace. And then it hit us. The "Teen Wolf" trailer:

Yes! Deucalion does makes a reappearance this season, and unless our eyes deceive us, the fancy-talking Argent enemy looks to be blind again. But what on Earth does Theo want with Duke? The evil chimera pack leader seems a bit confused to us — first he's on the hunt for Scott, then a hellhound, then La Bête and now Deucalion. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT, THEO? Another hammer, perhaps?

We kid. But in all seriousness, here's our theory: Theo hates Scott. Deucalion isn't the biggest McCall fan either. Everyone is hellbent on taking down the True Alpha, and there's power in numbers. Hence, Operation Take Down Scott. Hey, it's the best we've got.

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