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Adele Is Worried Her New Hair Makes Her Look Like A Mom

By now you've probably already watched the truly incredible Carpool Karaoke with Adele. In case you haven't (I assume you just woke up roughly five seconds ago and/or are my mom) here is the video.


In 15 minutes we learn that Adele can spit Nicki Minaj rhymes and James Corden harmonizes like he's the fourth member of The Supremes. We also gain some insight into Adele's new 'do, one she admits feels a bit like a "mum bob."

No shade to mums, but anything Adele does seems a touch too cool to be quantified by anything mom related. But if that's how Adele wants to refer to her new hair, then so be it. After all, she is, in fact, a mum. I now, by the power of Adele, dub 2016 the year of the mum bob.