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Joe Jonas Ditched His Blue Hair For Something Even More Colorful


Last we saw of Joe Jonas, he had blue hair. A blue streak popped up in the front of his hair in November—following his breakup with Gigi Hadid—and has remained ever since. On Wednesday night (Jan. 14), Joe debuted an even more colorful look—rainbow hair.

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Joe added some purple and green shades to his existing blue streaks. The new 'do is reminiscent of the oil slick trend we saw take Instagram by storm last year—it's a lot of different colors, but the overall effect is fairly subtle.

On Instagram, Joe gave us a closeup of allll the colors up in there, including (at least) two shades of purple, some green, a hint of pink, etc. He captioned the photo, simply, "?," which, I think is accurate and something we should all strive for with hair color—being able to sum it up in one emoji. This is me: ?.

Though we see women like Kylie Jenner and Kesha change their hair color on the regular, men, generally, don't seem to be as into experimentation. Fingers crossed Joe's rainbow swirl inspires other dudes to give color a shot—Justin Bieber, I'm looking at you.