From A James Franco Photo Op To Catching On Fire: What Was This Week's 'Greatest Party Story Ever'?

MTV's brand-new series is already epic.

Let's get this rager started -- with six unique narratives.

"Greatest Party Story Ever" -- MTV's new series which features a bunch of fun-loving folks recounting their most unforgettable adventures with animated accompaniment -- kicked off tonight with a bunch of jaw-dropping moments, roaring good times, celeb cameos and loony antics. And you thought your New Year's Eve celebration was wild...

But which epic tale takes the Week 1 crown? Refresh your memory with a CliffNotes version of the adventures below, share your favorites in the comments and be sure to catch brand-new episodes of "GPSE" every Thursday at 10:30/9:30c!

  • I Kissed Your Girl

    Who doesn't love a college house party? Well, our narrator (Mike) was having a grand ol' time during a random night out -- and it only got better when he found himself infatuated with a girl and then locking lips with her in a dark room. But things went downhill from there: When the smooch was revealed to the entire party, the aforementioned girl's BOYFRIEND (aka Anthony, the coolest guy at school) set out to beat the crap out of Mike. Fortunately, though, Mike managed to escape the shindig (through a window, no less) and avoid any sort of showdown. But when Mike went back to the scene of the crime makeout to collect his vehicle the next morning, he was surprised (and a wee bit scared) to see Anthony waiting outside. No need to worry though: Anthony thinks he already kicked Mike's ass, and our humorous storyteller emerges unscathed.

  • Tracy's Grandma

    A study session toook a verrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting turn when our main man opted to hit the books at his friend Tracy's abode. But when Tracy's grandma (who was the lady of the house) greeted the boys with some tequila -- and Tracy decided to take a break for a booty call -- the booze-fueled afternoon got a wee bit wild. More specifically, Grandma flashed her grandson's friend.

  • Girl on Fire

    Let this be a lesson: If you are given a sparkler in da club, do NOT put it in your mouth or in close proximity to your hair. Why? Your locks could catch fire. And even worse, especially for the lovely lady recounting her experience, it might happen in front of your crush. Fortunately, her strands weren't terribly damaged -- but her once-in-a-lifetime, flame-filled experience was recorded and managed to make it onto the Interweb.

  • Death by Sesame

    Our poor main man is "allergic to the entire universe" -- and that includes a severe aversion to sesame seeds. Fast-forward to Thanksgiving dinner and a particular dish that caught his eye (a special hummus hibiscus dip prepared by his aunt). When he asked his relative if it was fine to consume, she assured him he was in the clear. But of course, he wasn't: Soon, his throat felt "weird and carpety" and his loved one revealed that tahini (ahem, sesame seeds) was a main ingredient in the dish. He quickly swelled up and was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, he and his mom (who was stabbed with an EpiPen during the mayhem) made a full recovery -- and they enjoyed a holiday feast in the ER with loved ones.

  • Sweet Revenge (With James Franco's Help)

    What better way to get back at your ex for dumping you? For our depressed damsel in distress, it was meeting James Franco at a photo shoot (through her dad), snapping a hug-filled photograph and posting it everywhere. It certainly did the trick -- and the adorable pic even got some attention in Us Weekly.

  • Project Penthouse

    Imagine you've just taken the SATS and you're looking to unwind -- and for our gent, that meant gathering with a bunch of his peers at a luxurious penthouse apartment. But the fun was quickly halted when police busted the out-of-control event. Luckily for the high school kids, however, the cops let them go -- and just issued them a warning to get the heck out of Dodge.