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Let's Rank The Cast Of 'The O.C.' By How Well They Grow Mustaches

Mustaches, here we come/Right back where we started from.

"The O.C." left our lives almost ten years ago, but that doesn't mean we don't still dream about going back to California. Adam Brody clearly agrees with us, because he's currently in the sunshine state filming a classic California story -- a remake of the iconic cop show "CHiPs," about two motorcycle-riding police officers in the state's Highway Patrol.

Of course, if you know "CHiPs" at all then you know that it's set in the '70s, which can only mean one thing: mustaches. So many thick, glorious, Tom Selleck mustaches.

Case in point: Adam Brody himself has been seen on set rocking the most beautiful of mustaches, and wow is it a glorious thing to behold:

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But it's also pretty jarring to see the clean-cut Seth Cohen we know and love sporting such a face tickler -- so we thought we'd see if the rest of the men on "The O.C." can even come close to his mustachioed level. Here's our totally definitive ranking of "O.C." facial hair:

  1. Ben McKenzie
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    Ben is dead last on this list because despite playing Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, owner of the most iconic mustache in superhero comics, on "Gotham," he has never worn one himself -- although that might change, as he told a crowd during Wizard World New Orleans this month. In the meantime, get it together, Ben! Mus- that -stache!

  2. Tate Donovan
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    As far as we can tell, Jimmy Cooper's never rocked a 'stache all on its lonesome, but the one he's able to grow along with the rest of his beard looks perfectly acceptable.

  3. Alan Dale
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    While performing in the Broadway musical "Spamalot," Kristen Cohen's father had a pretty regal soup strainer going there.

  4. Chris Carmack

    Despite being surrounded by cowboys with fantastic facial hair on the set of "Nashville," Chris Carmack doesn't partake himself -- except for that one time he did, in this picture from his Twitter account. The trucker hat really completes the "I've been on the long haul without a shower for a few days but I will still honky tonk my way into your heart" look.

  5. Chris Pratt (Yes, really)
    Entertainment Weekly

    Remember that one time he played Ché, Summer's naked hippy friend from Brown who sang a song to Seth? Because that happened, America. Anyway, the mustache he sported on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's "Guardians Of The Galaxy" issue was pretty dang dreamy. He looks like the type of lothario who knows how to play the Spanish guitar and uses this knowledge only for the seduction of mature and worldly women.

  6. Adam Brody
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    Once you get over the shock of dear little Seth looking so dang manly, I must say that the 'stache works remarkably well. He seems naive and boyish, yet responsible and masculine all at the same time -- like a lumberjack's intern or an earnest young '70s porn actor in his first starring role.

  7. Peter Gallagher
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    Gosh dang it, now that is a mustache. That is the mustache. This is the mustache of a 19th century oil baron who owns as many hand-crafted fob watches as he does perfectly tailored three piece suits. We knew you wouldn't let us down, Sandy Cohen.