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Gigi Hadid’s Birthday Message For Zayn Malik Is Hella Confusing

That heart emoji though... ?

There’s a certain pressure that comes with celebrating the birthday of someone you’ve just begun dating. You want to make it special and fun and memorable for them… so that hopefully you’ll be around to celebrate the NEXT one.

So for her new beau Zayn Malik’s 23rd birthday on Tuesday (Jan. 12), Gigi Hadid had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything… with an Instagram post honoring his big day. And she opted for… wait for it… now keep waiting… not yet… because honestly?… I have no idea what this is, guys.

So. What we have here is a gold chain with what looks like a diamond letter Z enclosed in a gold circle. The grainy shot’s timestamp on the upper left lets us know this snap’s from today, but besides that, this is one hell of a cryptic (or maybe just super ~artsy~) pic.

Gigi did manage to redeem herself with a cute caption, though: the word “ZDAY” (a play on b-day, get it?) followed by a yellow heart emoji. Awwww.

For his part, Zayn’s clearly reveling in all the attention today. He’s been replying to some lucky fans’ well wishes on Twitter, and now has only one thing on the brain: partying his face off. Probably with Gigi. And possibly while wearing a certain shiny new necklace.

Meanwhile, we’ll just be at home, basking in the amazingness of his 23 top vocal performances (which is honestly an appropriate activity for ANY day, not just ZDay). HBD, Zayn!

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