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TV's New Nancy Drew Won't Be Caucasian

Our big city detective is finally joining the 21st Century.

At the tender age of 85, Nancy Drew is finally getting her first real makeover.

The long-lived-and-loved young detective from Carolyn Keene's book series is returning to the small screen -- this time as a 30-something city gal who helps the NYPD do their investigative bidding -- and according to CBS exec Glenn Geller, the network is 100% planning to hire a non-white actor for the title role.

As detailed by The Hollywood Reporter, the character will be "diverse" in this iteration. "That is the way she is written," he continued, specifically noting that this means "not Caucasian."

"I'd be open to any ethnicity," he added.

Indeed, in previous versions Drew has only been portrayed by Caucasian actresses -- in reverse chronological order, Emma Roberts, Maggie Lawson, Tracy Ryan, Janet Julian and Bonita Granville -- so this is a long overdue and important shift.

And we've got a top-of-mind, completely non-exhaustive list of suggestions for some actresses who we know would slay the private eye scene on the small screen.

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    She might be a little young for this mature incarnation of Ms. Drew, but thanks to "Scream Queens," we already know that Keke can do some serious sleuthing and rock a newsboy cap like no other.

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    Malese might be tied up with "The Flash," but she's so utterly watchable and would completely nail this role.

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    Gugu's already proven herself to be a master of "Undercovers" espionage, so some hometown detective work would be a cinch.

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    The "Divergent" star has a full plate right now -- her latest is HBO's "Big Little Lies" -- but she'd definitely bring some ferocity to the series.

  5. Julia Jones
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    This "Twilight Saga" alum has already shown us her take-no-sh-t approach to teamwork with all those head-splitting werewolves she ran with, so she could totally take the lead and run the show.

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    "The Mindy Project" might've made a cozy new home in the Hulu neighborhood, but we can already see Kaling holding a giant magnifying glass and giving everyone a suspicious side-eye. It'd be perfect.

  7. Jamie Chung
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    Jamie's come a long way since her "Real World" days, and it'd be pretty sick to see her lead up her own show next. Her bright smile would light up the whole network, frankly.

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    Who wouldn't want to see this "Glee" alum go full-on gumshoe? Quick answer: no one.

Hit the comments with your casting calls for the role!