How CT's 'Bloodlines' Appearance Reminded Him Of A Special Moment With Diem

Plus, the 'Challenge' vet reveals how he thinks the late MTV cast member would have reacted to tonight's episode.

CT has shown off his athletic prowess during multiple "Challenge" installments -- but the admired vet's appearance with Diem Brown's sister Faith during tonight's special "Battle of the Bloodlines" certainly stands out among the rest.

Even though the "Rivals 2" champ and his partner did not vie for the No.1 spot in "Too Clingy," the course closely resembled D's unforgettable wig-removal scene prior to her leaping in a mud pit and nabbing the top spot during "Ring Toss" on "The Duel" (see it below). But for CT, the Turkey-based showdown reminded him of another memorable moment he shared with his "Battle of the Exes 2" teammate during the aforementioned 2006 installment in Brazil.

"I think of the episode where we had to cross that Indiana Jones-looking bridge and I’m helping her get across," he revealed to MTV News about the competition "Pass With Care." "She gets across safely, and I go across -- and of course, I fall in the water."

The old-school competition -- which can be viewed in the video above -- (understandably) made him feel déjà vu.

"That moment where I helped Faith on the cobble net and I’m like, 'Come on, you can do this, do that’ and I’m yelling at her and she’s giving me that look -- it’s the same look Diem had, like, 'You need to shut up -- I’m going as fast as I can, don’t rush me,'" he said with a chuckle. "[Faith] didn’t actually say it, but I know she wanted to yell at me. She actually said to me, ‘I know why my sister was always yelling at you during these challenges.' I was like, ‘Sorry, I was just trying to help.'"

But how does CT think Diem would have reacted to the duo's cameo -- especially his splash right before the finish line?

"I could just picture Diem being like, ‘Of course, of course,'" he joked. "I could picture her busting my chops."

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