Is Ariana Grande Changing The Name Of Her Album?

This is Kanye all over again...

For nearly a year, Ariana Grande has been fixated on Earth's moon with the focus of John Glenn (or Lance Bass in 2002). She loves that hunk of celestial cheese so much that, in May, she decided to name her upcoming album after it. But she's been working so hard, it seems like she's finding new inspiration to name her LP after.

Ari is currently recording Moonlight in the special booth her "baby" made -- rumored bae Ricky Alvarez.

Ariana Grande's snapchat
Ariana Grande's snapchat

And now she's suggesting that, even though her theme has been "moonlight" for the past year, she might be changing tune. Fans noticed that something was up after Ari took "moonlight" out of her Twitter bio -- and Grande suggests there's a reason for that:

Naturally, Arianators (or, Ari's "babes," as she calls them) thought she was reconsidering Moonlight as an album title. So, would they be wrong?

Grande tweeted that she wants to name the album after a track that'll appear on the project. So far, she's given her Snapchat followers a tiny glimpse at what that track list may be:

Besides "Moonlight," a song called "Be Alright" is the only other track we can make out.

Do you think Ariana will pull a Kanye and change the name of her album before it's released?