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About That Time J.K. Rowling Vandalized A Hotel Room -- 'It's Wrong'

The 'Harry Potter' author left her literal mark to celebrate 'Deathly Hallows,' but she doesn't recommend it.

Believe it or not, it has been a full nine (!!) years since J.K. Rowling finished putting pen to paper for her "Harry Potter" series and closed the book on its final chapter, "Deathly Hallows."

Yep. Time has flown by faster than the quickest snitch.

JoRow just reminded fans of the magical anniversary by paying photographic tribute to that time she'd celebrated the completion by leaving her unsolicited mark on the place where it was done: Room 652 of the Balmoral in Edinburgh, where scrawled the news on her room's marble bust of Hermes.

"JK Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room (652) on 11th Jan 2007," she'd famously written on the piece of hotel property.

If she were an ordinary hotel patron, this might be considered a crime, but with Rowling it turned the Balmoral into an automatic "Harry Potter" hotspot and transformed that statue into something much more valuable than an everyday Greek god sculpture.

However, hindsight is 20/20, and even Rowling knows it was a house point demotion-worthy move for her deface that piece of hotel property, even if it did turn the thing into a priceless piece of muggle memorabilia.

"Finished Hallows 9 yrs ago today," she wrote on Twitter Monday (Jan. 11). "Celebrated by graffiti-ing a bust in my hotel room. Never do this. It's wrong."

Of course that wasn't her only act of triumph to remember from that date -- she told another fan she "downed a half bottle of champagne in the room fridge" just after that -- but obviously she wants people to know she's got some regrets about the decision to be presumptuous that it'd be OK for her to affix her mark on whatever she pleased like that.

All's well that ends well, though, because the Balmoral is still totally happy she did it and even boasts the spot as their J.K. Rowling room where the bust in encased in protective glass and the door knocker's been replaced with a brass owl in homage.

Gringott's would probably be jealous of all the galleons they're making off of this one, and besides, it's not like she drew a death eater mark on there or something. Even so, though, is she right to be contrite?