7 'Teen Wolf' Questions We Need Answered ASAP

It's time for our semi-annual inquisition.

It's pretty rare that the complex plot of "Teen Wolf" doesn't leave us scratching our heads, and the second half of Season 5 is no exception.

Aside from this and this, we have about a bazillion questions for the "Teen Wolf" gods writers. Okay, okay... just seven:

  1. What is Theo's ultimate connection to the Dread Doctors?

    Theo has been a pawn in the robotic hands of the Dreads since the age of 10. He essentially killed his own sister in order to get her heart, making him a true genetic chimera. But WHY? Dr. Valack gave us some solid intel after "amplifying Lydia's abilities" (code for "drilling into her skull"), but we're still pretty baffled. "There's a reason [the Dread Doctors] chose Theo," Valack said. "A reason he failed, a reason they changed their methods and a reason they've finally succeeded. It all starts with Theo." Um, come again? More details, please and thank you.

  2. Why is the Desert Wolf on the run?

    Malia and Braeden are on a major witch Desert Wolf hunt, and they'll stop at nothing to find her, even if that means kicking around one of her Russian cronies. She was last seen near the Canadian border with a not-so-mysterious hostage. There's also the small fact that she's out to murder her own spawn. Another query: With Malia and her mom both out for each other's blood, who will ultimately succeed?

  3. How come no one has noticed that Dr. Deaton is missing?

    Speaking of hostage... the Desert Wolf has captured Scott's boss, but no one seems to notice that he's MIA. Granted, La Bête has everyone a little distracted these days, but still. Weird, much?

  4. Why is old man Gerard feasting on little white flowers?

    Chris Argent popped by Gerard's lair because his dad just seems to know everything. Shortly before discussing the Beacon Hills danger at hand (THIS), the werewolf hunter extraordinaire fed his ol' man some of nature's finest. But why? And how come Gerard always has all the answers? Also, why isn't the old man dead already? So many questions.

  5. How is Meredith Walker going to help Lydia?

    We're all sorts of worried about Lyd after Theo's actions put her in the nut house. Valack appears to be using her to get to the Dreads, but what does fellow banshee and former Benefactor Meredith Walker have up her straitjacket sleeve? And... IS LYDIA GOING TO BE OKAY? At least tell us that.

  6. Are Liam and Hayden officially back together?

    The two were in hot water after our favorite beta practically left Hay for dead (um, she basically was), but all appears to be forgiven now. Good deal, because WE LOVE LAYDEN.

  7. Is Scott EVER going to heal?

    The Alpha's power has been dwindling ever since Theo and those evil MDs came to town; his wound from that wild altercation with Liam continues to bleed profusely. Hell, a normal person would heal faster. What's it gonna take to save our Scott?

+ What questions do you have for the powers-that-be at "Teen Wolf" (*cough* Jeff Davis!)? Do you have any theories on the above? Do the deal, and catch a new episode Tuesday at 9/8c!