12 Reasons Daggett And Norbert Actually Had To Be Pissed Off On 'The Angry Beavers'

They were really just misunderstood.

"The Angry Beavers" ran from 1997-2001 on Nickelodeon and featured the Beaver brothers, Daggett and Norbert. They were on their own and livin' life near the fictional city of Wayouttatown, Oregon. (Yes, that was really its name.)

Unsurprisingly, the brothers always fought, usually over the most mundane topics and situations — which is what made it so much fun for kids to watch. But despite their joint nickname, Daggett and Norbert really did have some fair reasons to be angry. Honestly, if you had their lives, you'd probably be pissed all the time, too.

  1. For starters, their BFF is an actual tree stump, cleverly named "Stump."

    This is almost as sad as Johnny's friend Plank on "Ed, Edd n Eddy." Having "friends" that are really just inanimate objects would make anyone annoyed. Like, what about the dude standing behind them? Couldn't he — a living, breathing person — be their friend instead?

  2. They were (literally) kicked out of their home by their parents.

    In the pilot episode, the boys' parents had a second litter, which apparently means the first litter has to bounce in the beaver world. Mama Beaver punts her young son Daggett out of her house (and ultimately her life).

  3. Just look at him clawing to get back home.

    Cold, Mama and Papa Beaver. That does things to a person. Plus, they didn't even give their kids any guidance or help — just an, "LOL bye. Get outta our faces. You're dead to us now."

  4. They have to spend 24/7 with each other.

    Have YOU tried living with your sibling, having them be your only companion? Yeah, no matter how close you two are, it doesn't mean they won't get on your nerves, considering how they know the best way to do that in the first place.

  5. And the brothers are polar opposites, personality-wise.

    Norbert is a laid-back, easygoing kind of dude, while Daggett is uptight and hyperactive. Totally understandable why they fight all the time.

  6. They probably spend a fortune on A/C and electricity.

    Have you seen their house? I mean, DAM. (See what I did there?) It's huge, which is a very first world problem, but they also had to build their home themselves. You know, after they were kicked out by their parents and replaced with new kids. Not sure why they need a bachelor pad that large, but the upkeep must be insane. Moreover, what do they even do for income? I doubt their heartless parents help them out at all. What kind of company wants to hire a beaver?

  7. Daggett and Norbert grew up in the '90s, which means they had to deal with '90s problems.

    Kids today just don't understand how heartbreaking it was to mess up the tape on a VHS. True, DVDs can get scratched, but there are ways to fix that, but not so much with VHS tapes that run amuck.

  8. Norbert had a love interest, which made Daggett the third wheel.

    Treeflower was definitely a character, but she inadvertently made things awkward for the bros. Norbert wanted ~alone time~ with his squeeze, yet Daggett was always around. Daggett wanted to be included, yet Norbert and Treeflower just wanted alone time. It was a vicious cycle.

  9. The brothers got stuck with awful Halloween costumes.

    All right, this is more the writers' faults, but still. Norbert went as Oxnard Montalvo, this fictional B-movie actor, and Daggett went as a crawling spleen monster from one of Montalvo's films. (Side note: "Oxnard" is slang for testicles, which explains a lot.) But really, a crawling spleen?! Come on now; I'd be pissed, too.

  10. Their teeth are connected to their noses.

    This is unfortunate. You know dam (did it again, sorry) well they were made fun of by the other woodland creatures who didn't have teeth coming out of their noses. Kids can be so cruel, human and animal alike.

  11. The name of their show is an innuendo people snicker at whenever it's said.

    The above GIF doesn't really help their case, either. You don't hear people giggling like 12-year-olds when "Doug" is mentioned.

  12. And finally, when their show ended because they went all existential and disappeared/died.

    This episode never aired, although the audio was released in 2006. Basically, the series was probably, maybe, most likely going to be canceled — which meant the creators wanted to end the series on a major note. "Bye Bye, Beavers" involved Daggett and Norbert realizing they were only *GASP* cartoon characters — not real beavers — and their animated TV show was about to end forever. At one point in the dialogue, the phrase, "There is no dog. THERE IS NO DOG!" is uttered, and that's all she wrote, folks.