After Party / YouTube

Folks Get ~Really Real~ About The Worst Parts Of Having Sex

They talk a little bit about the good parts, too.

Sex -- everyone who's had it knows that while there are a lot of *delightful* benefits to a little bump and grind, there are more than a few negatives to it as well (and that's besides all the serious stuff).

It's this dichotomy that three folks decided to discuss -- while in a moving vehicle, for some reason.

On Jan. 9, After Party, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures' drunk uncle (their words, not ours) posted the first video from a new series called "Bitch On The Move." In it, hosts Michelle Khare and Kelsey Darragh drive in a car around LA and "bitch" about something and the subject this time is "the best worst parts about sex."

"Body farts," Darragh clearly explains is the third worst part about sex. "Like -- why do our bodies happen to suction together?" It's true. When it happens, neither person knows if it was *actual* flatulence or something much less embarrassing.

At one point, they pick up BuzzFeed favorite Curly Velasquez and clear up some things about gay sex, namely topping and bottoming -- mostly because one of the girls doesn't actually know which one is which. ?

Watch the full (obviously NSFW) video below.